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We secure the connection between investors and protocols.

Our product for investors

Everything you need to know before making an investment.

The best protection

Our Decentralised Smart Custodian is developed with the highest security standards. The DSC only unlocks when 3 established security parties send the Key NFT’s to the custodian.

Easy to claim

When there has been malicious activity and the DSC unlocks, you can claim your funds right through your dashboard. The withdrawal is instant.

No KYC needed

We don’t require the investor to KYC we understand your privacy. All the protocols that have the DSC integrated went through the KYC with our partner AssureDefi

Our product for protocols

Earn trust, deploy a new revenue stream

Effortless setup

The integration of the DSC is within minutes. With the use of our SDK you can also integrate the DSC into any of your applications.

Decentralised security

The DSC is decentralised,  this means it’s not controlled by a single organisation (us), providing increased security, fault tolerance, and resistance to breaches or hacks. Your funds are safe.

Increased revenue potential

The DSC offers a new revenue opportunity. A portion of the fees is returned to your treasury every time an investor locks their security using the DSC.

Security from protocol to investor 

Security from protocol to investor 

Security from protocol to investor 

Security from protocol to investor 

Security from protocol to investor 

Security from protocol to investor 

We support any EVM compatible blockchain

We are chain agnostic meaning we can deliver the Decentralised Smart Custodian to any protocol build on top of EVM.







Together with our partners we are changing security in Crypto

Quill Audits

Assure Defi

About Secured Haven

What is Secured Haven?

The first decentralised software solution that brings safety, provided from creators to investors.

Secured Haven is a ‘stand alone’ application that can be implemented into any on EVM operating protocol. With the usage of Smart Haven, investors are able to insure their initial deposits for their chosen protocol.

How does the Decentralised Smart Custodian work?

The Smart Decentralised Custodian locks funds from the protocol. On the total amount of available funds investors are able to create an insurance. And protect their investments.

How can I get integrate Secured Haven in my protocol?

We have a developer ready SDK. Just get in touch and we will guide you in the setup.

Which chains are Secured Haven compatible?

All Blockchains build on top of EVM.

What are the security fees?

Starting as low as 0,25% of you investment per day.

How can I secure my investment?

Use your protocols DAPP. This option is soon also available through our website.

Do I need to KYC as an investor ?

No. We take great care of our partner protocols, we make sure they follow all security guidelines and are fully KYP (know your protocol) through our partner AssureDefi.

Investors do not need to KYC with us or any party.