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Be Safe.

The first Smart Secured Decentralised Custodian. Safekeeping investors and protocols.

Security for Crypto investors

Thousands of crypto investors continue to lose their investments every day. With the implementation of Secured Haven that belongs to the past. Our decentralised smart custodian guards all the funds for the investors connected to our partner(s).

Here for the protocols

A fully integrated suite of products that helps you generate more ambassadors.

Once signed up you can quickly KYP all team members, receive audits for all smart contracts, launch a pre-sale, and setup your own decentralised smart custodian.

Safeguarding investors

Secured Haven is the first protocol that safeguards the initial investment of the investor. How? Simple. Find your protocol on our website, connect your WEB3 wallet to the decentralised smart custodian and decide the amount of days how long you want to stay protected. The decentralised smart custodian will take care of the rest.

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A seemless SDK integration for any protocol

  • Connect within minutes with our SDK
  • Blockchain agnostic – Choose your own chain!
  • Start securing your investors the same day!
  • 24/7 support


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